Dürer et al.

Friedrich Wanderer 1901 painting

I love this painting of the Nuremberg artists of the late-fifteenth and early-sixteenth centuries. Of course, Dürer is taller than everyone else. That’s because he knows I’m going to write a book about him. He’s so very spiffy in his cow-mouth shoes.

This painting was done in 1901 by Friedrich Wanderer. From left to right are Adam Kraft, Veit Hirsvogel the glazier, Veit Stoss, Michael Wolgemut, Peter Vischer the Elder, Albrecht Dürer, Hans von Kulmbach, Johann Neudörfer, Nikolaus Glockendon, Anton Koberger with a press assistant, and Augustin Hirsvogel.

From that most excellent Journal of the Northern Renaissance  (Issue 1, 2009).  Scholarly AND open access.


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