16th Century Food in Spain

Jake & Katharina are now in Spain. What shall they eat?

Wonderful resource here. A 16th-century Spanish cookbook! Two recipes below.

I might try the first, but not the second.



You will take goat milk, and almond milk, and then take the flower of wheat flour, and rosewater, and sugar, and egg yolks, and let all this be well-mixed; and make paste from it which is neither very soft or very hard, but moderate; and then make from it little cakes; and take hazelnuts, and pine nuts, and yolks of hard-boiled eggs, and grind them all together; and then take raw eggs, and blend them with said hazelnuts and pine nuts; and this moderately, so that it is neither very thin nor very thick.  And then take sugar, and rosewater, and cinnamon, and a little ginger, and make little cakes of all this mixture with that paste; and fry these little cakes with lard and with fresh melted pork fat, in a casserole of  tinned copper or bronze; and when this lard is well heated, cast in the little cakes; and after they are fried, take them out with a skimmer, and put them on a plate; and cast into it rosewater and honey; and when they are to be eaten, cast sugar and cinnamon on top of them.


You will take a cat that is fat, and decapitate it.  And after it is dead, cut off the head and throw it away because it is not for eating, for they say that eating the brains will cause him who eats them to lose his senses and judgment.  Then flay it very cleanly, and open it and clean it well, and then wrap it in a cloth of clean linen.  And bury it beneath the ground where it must be for a day and a night; and then take it out of there and set it to roast on a spit. And roast it over the fire.  And when beginning to roast it, grease it with good garlic and oil.  And when you finish greasing it, whip it well with a green twig, and this must be done before it is well-roasted, greasing it and whipping it.  And when it is roasted, cut it as if it were a rabbit or a kid and put it on a big plate; and take garlic and oil blended with good broth in such a manner that it is well-thinned.  And cast it over the cat.  And you may eat of it because it is very good food.