Renaissance Deodorant

On the Ornaments of Women

Written by Giovanni Marinello

published with privilege in Venetia (Venice)
by John Valgrifio, 1574

translated into English by

Courtney Hess-Dragovich

If you wash your armpits frequently in wine in which is boiled nutmeg, mace or, if you desire, grains of musk, you will stop the smellreleasing a gentle scent.                          

This blog is a treasure, but my favorite posts are the deodorant recipes


And bras.

Lengberg Bra.jpg

Bra found in Austrian castle radiocarbon-dated to the 1400s.

Henri de Mondeville, surgeon to Philip the Fair of France and his successor Louis X, wrote in his Cyrurgia in 1312–20:

“Some women… insert two bags in their dresses, adjusted to the breasts, fitting tight, and they put them [the breasts] into them every morning and fasten them when possible with a matching band.”

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