The Book of Miracles–1552

I’ll be hoping to get a little cash for Christmas, as I have my heart set on another lush book from Taschen, a reproduction of The Book of Miracles (Wunderzeichenbuch), printed in Augsburg in 1552.

Taschen Miracles1

The book only came to public light in 2007, when it turned up at a German auction house. The artwork is extraordinary. Study these vibrant images and you’ll never have to create your own nightmares again.

taschen_bookofmiracles3  TaschenMiracles 2

These images and a discussion of the book can be found at BrainPickings.

An amazing Pinterest Board of 50 images and translation of the text can be found HERE.

The Book of Miracles is a 16th-century equivalent of the National Enquirer, but the art will leave you breathless even if the miracles don’t.