Colors of 16th-Century Hosen

“Pinks, beiges and flesh tints.”

Italian hose, 1500-1510)

Italian hose, 1500-1510)

Doe’s Belly

Brown Bread

Merry Widow

Amorous Desire


Lost Time

Sad Friend

Monkey’s Smile

Dying Monkey

Mortal Sin

Colour of Hell

Sick Spaniard

and my personal favorite:  Resuscitated Corpse

This is not quite our period, (the image is), but I just can’t resist. These are the names of colors given to hose in a dyer’s advertisement from Neufchateau in Lorraine, (printed in 1607), according to “A History of Hand Knitting” by Richard Rutt, Bishop of Leicester, (pub. B T Batsford Ltd, 1989.)


Dürer’s Young Woman of 1507

Even then, the hat was called a barett.  I think Katharina will have to have one.


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